Project structure


Folder contains all template source and production files.

Silicon / assets

This folder holds all assets files both source and production versions.

Silicon / assets / audio

Sample audio file for Podcast page demo.

Silicon / assets / css

Here you'll find compiled .css files: theme.css and theme.min.css

Silicon / assets / favicon

Favicon images for all browsers and platforms. They are linked in the <head> section of html document.

Silicon / assets / img

Folder contains all graphic assets like images, illustrations, icons, etc. divided into subfolders.

Silicon / assets / js

This folder contains main src/theme.js that is processed (compiled / minified) to theme.min.js located in the same directory. Source file src/theme.js holds all module @imports from js/src/components folder.

Silicon / assets / json

Configuration .json files for Lottie player animations.

Silicon / assets / scss

This folder contains all project .scss files that are compiled and minified to styles in assets/css folder.

Silicon / assets / vendor

This folder contains all vendor plugins' .js / .css files.

Silicon / components

Silicon UI Kit - all the component .html pages with code snippets.

Silicon / docs

Documentation you are reading now.

Silicon / package.json

File contains meta data about your app or module. Most importantly, it includes the list of dependencies to install from npm repository when running npm install.

Silicon / gulpfile.js

Configuration file for Gulp. It contains all Gulp tasks you will perform while working on Createx based project. Learn more about it from Working with Gulp section or official Gulp documentation.

Whether you work with Node.js and Gulp or not you can still take advantage of SCSS (CSS preprocessor). In this case you might want to learn Using Sass (Scss) preprocessor.